Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Winter Essential!

Some fun photos I took for a Style Panel challenge!  The assignment was to showcase your "Winter Essential", or as I like to call it, one of my "staples".  I chose  my leather contrast sleeve varsity jacket from H&M.  I have gotten SO much use out if it since I got it last winter.  

Varsity/letterman jackets are all the rage if you ask me - even for you, girls! If you can find one with no graphic, even better I think!  The simpler, the better.  They just add a toughness or sporty, retro vibe to an outfit, and they are coming in any imaginable colour and fabric!

I dare you to step outside your comfort zone, into the 50s and try a varsity jacket!

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  1. I tried on a few letterman jackets at H&M last week but sadly none fit me :( I'll have to keep looking!

    1. I think a satin one in black would be nice for you! :)

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