Thursday, 30 January 2014

Blurred Lines.


My latest trend obsession is BLACK & WHITE! The truth is that the possibilities are endless! Taking risks and mixing trends/styles is best done in black & white because it's always anchored by stark neutrals. You can play with dimension and texture; different silhouettes; new materials and accessorize to the nines. Ebony & ivory keep it sophisticated no matter how far you push the boundaries. 

Another thing I love about b-dub is that it easily becomes androgynous. It creates a crossover or blur between masculine and feminine styles - which obviously I'm a fan of, especially lately. 

I want these dudes to be my crew. Unless I can get some of my friends to dress like this. 


For more inspo, check out Kiss My Fashion's post on the trend!


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  1. Looove black and white. Especially vertical stripes.