Sunday, 15 February 2015

Tried & True Tartan

In my opinion, one of the most underused prints for women is tartan/plaid.  Perhaps some women think it is too masculine, or just don't know how to pair it in an outfit.  Then, there are those who take  inspiration from 90's cheerleader outfits/Britney Spears videos.  Here are some ideas for how to wear tartan in a sexy - but not too sexy, and not too conservative.  These girls hit the mark, and hopefully they inspire you to try something new!

As you can see, the key is balance between fitted/structured pieces, and more loosely fitted pieces. That's a great general rule to go by for any daytime look.

All photos courtesy of LOOKBOOK.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

What the heel do I wear?

When it comes to a holiday night out and deciding on footwear, nobody wants to sacrifice style for functionality - and why should they!  If you're looking for a shoe that's going to keep your feet warm and injury-free while still lookin' fly as a reindeer - the ankle boot is your best friend!  They're taller and more encompassing than a stiletto, and generally have a shorter/more supportive heel.
Here are 5 affordable styles from Call It Spring do just that! Click any image for purchase details.

The Sherilyn Ankle Boot

This ankle boot is what I would consider to be the most ideal boot for a cold, slippery night out.  It's got thick, intricate souls for traction, and a stacked heel to make walking a lot easier.  They look very warm, and the good news is they're sophisticated enough and appropriate for a feminine dress.  $79.99.

The Borovsky Ankle Boot

This little suede ankle boot is perfect to finish off a cute holiday look! Again with the stacked heel, it's your best bet for safety - not to mention, they're classy as hell.  This boot comes in a variety of colours: navy, grey and khaki (on sale for $34.99) and black, camel and this wine colour ($59.99).  

The Fongora Mule

If you're looking for something less boot-like and a little more exposed - say, for NYE, I highly suggest a mule like this one.  It's still a heel, but a height that's manageable no matter what the weather brings.  I can see this shoe with a shift dress, belted A-line, or even a bodycon!  Where a mule is a more conservative shoe, it can really balance out an otherwise 'scandalous' dress. ($49.99, grey is on sale for $24.99!) 

The Uniracien Ankle Boot

The ultimate outdoor New Year's boot! If you're going to be spending a whole evening outdoors over the next couple weeks - stay warm, for goodness sake! These ankle boots seem to be the best marriage of style and comfort for that scenario!  ($74.99)

The Thadien Ankle Boot

Finally, if you just want something simple, chic that will go with a multitude of outfits, this is the one! ($59.99)

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Sunday, 14 December 2014

Colour Me Christmas!

A few people have asked how to wear holiday colours without having their outfit scream "I'M SHOWING HOW MUCH I LOVE CHRISTMAS BY WEARING RED & GREEN!"  So here are a few ideas for how to do that!

Holiday Look 1

Above: Bright red is a great colour, but not flattering on all skin tones and perhaps a little too  obnoxiously "Christmas".  Try a wine or ox-blood tone for a more sophisticated and less obvious festive look.  And hey, if you spill some wine on yourself, it won't even show!

Or consider going with a neutral ensemble, and adding an accent of holiday hue with statement jewellery. (I maybe wouldn't pair these exact dresses with such blingy jewels - but a cleaner silhouette would be perfect!) I just put these together quickly for inspiration!

My third recommendation is to try keeping the colours on the bottom, and keep it neutral on top (I suggest white as a clean, modern twist on winter sophistication!)  In general, keeping the majority of your look neutral and choosing one statement piece to carry your festive spirit is always a good idea!  I hope this helps!

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Celebrity Inspired Holiday Looks!

Hey guys!  I haven't been posting much, but rest assured - many great posts coming!  Over the next bit, I'll be posting holiday dresses and outfits I think are great for those holiday parties and events coming up!  Today I've chosen five ASOS looks inspired by some of our favourite celeb trend-setters.

Without further ado, I present 
"The Holiday Looks: Part 1"
(Click any image for purchase details)

The Taylor Swift

We've certainly seen a bolder, more confident side of T-Swift over the past year, and her style has definitely taken a cue from this new attitude. This sleeveless, cropped suede look could have been taken right out of Taylor's closet, and is perfect mix of cozy and flirty for the holidays.

The Lucy Hale

Lucy Hale is the girl next door who likes a little extra sparkle and shine.  This look is fun and holiday-appropriate because it's classy and modest but blinged up and luxurious.

The Ariana Grande

First of all, I'm pretty sure they specifically chose this model for this dress and styled her appropriately, because is this not the most Ariana look you've ever seen not on her? Normally I wouldn't pick this as a sophisticated holiday look, but it's just so darn cute, I think the right person can pull it off with the right styling!

The Angelina Jolie

Although I don't consider myself a huge fan of Angelina, she certainly does exude a level of minimalist elegance wherever she goes - as does this dress.  One could also go for a Zoe Saldana-inspired look with this number as well.  As with some of the above pieces, its cut is modest and classy, but the details add some mystery and sexiness.  I think that is the number one key when dressing for the holidays - 2 parts class and elegance, 1 part riskiness.

The Jessie J

Anyone who knows me knows I am the biggest supporter of British pop star Jessie J.  She is known to make bold statements and take risks with her fashion...a rule-breaker if you will. So why not do the same this season?  Forget that old "no white after Labour Day" nonsense.  This white jumpsuit is clean, posh and perfect for a glamourous holiday occasion.  Take a note from Jessie J and break a "rule" this Christmas!

What's great about ASOS is that they offer free shipping for over 240 countries, and THIS WEEKEND, receive an extra 20% off your online purchase by using the code CYBERWKND20 at the checkout!

Monday, 27 October 2014


Wolf Musings is thrilled to host this contest, and will be giving away $100 Black Market Shopping Spree to one lucky entrant!

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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Sunday Style Icon

Who doesn't love Zooey Deschanel?  She's the always adorkable 'new girl' next door with a unique style to match her great personality!  But not all of us are so fortunate to get designer clothes thrown at us like candy, so here are some ideas of how to get Zooey's style on a budget!


Click any image below to find out where to purchase the item.

On her hit show "New Girl", we tend to see Deschanel in a lot of bright and often primary colours.  Reds, blues and greens are all great hues for bringing some light into your Fall/Winter wardrobe.  They're still fun and flirty but don't scream summer. 

Like these items?  Click an image below to purchase!

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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Turn It Up Tuesday: Alex & Sierra

This week, I wanted to share with you this cute song by US X Factor winners Alex & Sierra.  I went through a bunch of their music this past week and enjoyed all of it, but this song is especially upbeat and just cute.  One of those ones you could play on repeat and not even realize it.  I also love that this was recorded on a beach!  I hope it lightens your day as it did mine.

And of course I couldn't just settle for one song because I love these guys so much, so here is another one!
(I'm predicting that this song will be covered a lot, and probably on Glee).