Wednesday, 23 July 2014

The Art of Sunshine

Yesterday I took full advantage of the glorious sunshine and marvellous weather we were having!  I went out afternoon adventuring with my sister.  We started with some cold beverages and explored our beautiful city with no real plan (which is always the best plan, I say).  She introduced me to a curated consignment shop Called BIG Pony - lots of unique pieces!

Next we decided to check out some local art galleries and antique shops.  I wanted to buy everything at Argyle Fine Art, but couldn't leave without two prints (see below) by Nova Scotia artist Jane Rovers!  The gallery staff laughed as I said, "I must have these - they match my drapes perfectly!".  Admittedly, it was a pretty funny thing to blurt out!  

We finished the day with a rooftop-patio bite and a little ride on this swing we discovered!  Perfect end to a spontaneous sunny afternoon!


Clearly having too much fun!

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Turn it Up Tuesday! Ft. G.R.L.

This is a super fun jam by rising girl band G.R.L., and I love the story!  Basically the lyrics talk about a dude that is attractive to the eye but has a sh*tty personality, and the girl is like, "Peace out."  I'm all about focusing on someone's insides as much as their looks, and while I know that this is just meant to be a fun pop song, I love that they have the guts to just say this dude has an "Ugly Heart".

The fashion in this video is super fun.  Watch, enjoy, and stay away from the ugly hearts!

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Turn it up Tuesday! Ft. Meghan Trainor

This week's Turn it Up Tuesday brings a newcomer with a super fun style and a message of self-worth!  It's so impressive and inspiring to see an artist make such a social statement with their first major about risk-taking!  But I am all about this jam!  Trainor fuses a doo-wop Jazz feel with hip-hop beats - Genius if you ask me!

Enjoy, and remember: You're beautiful no matter what size you are!

Friday, 11 July 2014

Splurge Item of the Week: L.A. Lovin'!

Splurge Item #2

This awesome L.A. tee from Splurge is the Item of the Week!  It's loose-fitting, simple, with just enough embellishment to give your outfit some attitude.  Because of the loose fit, I shared some options for bottoms that you could tuck this tee into to give you some figure! 

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Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Calling Recruits for Power Suits!

When it comes to professional attire and women,  it seems many shy away from going for a straight up power suit look.  I don't know if it's because some people feel it's not sexy enough, or that suits are just for men.  I've collected some examples of how celebrities are rocking suits in a fresh and sexy way. You can go with bright colours, feminine prints, or a clean white look!

The great thing about these fun colourful ensembles is that they are not just meant for the office.  You can totally rock a more casual structured look for any daytime activities and keep it going for evening drinks!  See Solange Knowles below: Casual, crisp, cocktail ready!

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Friday, 4 July 2014

Splurge Item of the Week: Mint & Print!

Splurge Item of the Week

This is the first instalment of this summer's SPLURGE Item of the Week!

This printed mint halter dress with geometric strap details is just too fun!  I paired it with some comfy Keds to kick around in, a light boyfriend blazer for the breezy nights and a bright yellow shoulder bag for another surprising punch of colour!  These retro sunnies are also available at Splurge.  Keep checking back each week this month for more featured items from Splurge Handbags!