Monday, 29 September 2014

Monochrome Monday Couple Crush!

Today's "Couple Crush" features Karmin, a pop duo who I've been obsessed with for a while now.  Originally finding success on YouTube, the swag-heavy couple has been finding their stride on the charts these last couple years. In the past, the two have juxtaposed a 50s retro look with their hip-hop sound, but with the release of their latest album "Pulses", it's all monochrome!

I love the bold simplicity that Amy and Nick use.  Of course it reads well on a video screen and works for their music, but I feel it can really translate to the street as well.  If you see someone walk by in an all cobalt blue clean silhouette - you're gonna notice them and want to know more.  I dare you to try it.

Check out Karmin's Vevo Stylized video and get some insight on their killer perspective on fashion.  Check out their music while you're  at it as well - it'll have you hooked in seconds!

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Sunny Sunday!

Jacket: Forever 21 // Shirt, Bag: American Apparel // Shoes: Rockport

The weather has been incredible this week! There has been plenty of outdoor time, which I am totally happy about.  Of course this faux-leather jacket was a little too heavy for the heat, so we got a few photos before ridding of it.  I hope your weekend has been full of fun, fashion and UV rays.
Lots of great stuff coming up on the blog this week, make sure to check back often!

Friday, 26 September 2014

How to: The Basic Bodycon Dress

Sometimes when we have a favourite piece, we end up wearing it a lot - in the same combination every time.  Here is an example of how you can take a basic staple piece, and make it work for many different settings - even all in one day!

 1. The Office.

This dress is long enough and plain enough that you can easily throw on a blazer and some statement jewellery (and of course, a cute bag as always), and make it not only appropriate, but fashion forward for your 9 to 5 grind...cue the Dolly.

2. Running Errands

Or maaaaaybe you've taken the day off and just want to be casual, comfy and chic.  The loose knit sweater contrasts the body-hugging quality of the dress to make it more casual.  Throw on some supportive boots, and you are ready for whatever this day of 'Anything Goes' throws at you!

3.  Cocktail Hour

It's the end of the week - or maybe it's just any day of the week - and you are feeling like you deserve to add a shot of class, and two shots of your choice beverage to your evening.  A printed kimono is a great way to give this form-fitting dress a more regal vibe.  Gold and black accessories make for some added sparkle to this glamourous look!

Alicia looks beautiful in this shot!

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Brilliant Fashion!

I had the privilege of stopping in to see the new boutique on Birmingham, Brilliant Clothing Boutique!  It was great to see such a vibrant, sophisticated space, filled with pieces for many different styles and price points!  Don't even get me started on the selection of boots!  Frye, Steve Madden, Hunter, just to name a few.  

The great thing about this new fashion hotspot is that all of their merchandise is all previously owned designer goods - but all in great condition!  The store is well curated and each piece feels fresh and with new life.  The ladies at Brilliant Boutique believe in the concept of "Slow Fashion"; appreciating the longevity of a quality-designed piece.  I of course support this notion, and also believe each garment or pair of shoes has a story, and a life of its own.  Check out the boutique and see for yourself!  You'll be thrilled you did!

Brilliant's sister store, Room 152 is having a Grand Opening tonight in Dartmouth! There will be Champagne, laughs and the store will be fully stocked for your browsing (and shopping) desires! They are even bringing some of the stock from Brilliant over for the evening, so it will be the best of both worlds, fashionistas!

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Stylish Couple Crush Sunday!

I wanted to highlight not just one celebrity whose style I adore, but two - who just happen to be a married couple!  What's not to like about a stylish duo? 

I've been watching Zoe Saldana's style for a couple years now, and appreciate her ease when it comes to every day streetwear. She makes a low-maintainance jeans and tee look look goooood!  And then she cleans up with a glamourous, sexy look on the red carpet - simple, clean and elegant.

As for her husband, Italian artist Marco Perego - he too brings that easy, western-grunge vibe.  A vibe we are TOTALLY okay with, amirite!?  I feel like he's the reformed Jack Sparrow on the very streets of Los Angeles, which we're also all okay with (yes I'm speaking for all of you).

I love that they both sort of take turns on who stands out more, and even play with their individual masculinity and femininity - great to see both in touch with each side.  But no matter what they do, they keep it classy and sophisticated - even if it's a baggy tee shirt and loose jeans.  

Long story short - I think we can all learn something from this adorable, insanely stylish couple.  What I'm taking:  Comfort and confidence is key.  Don't try too hard; you can make anything look good if it's authentic to your style how you feel inside!

Photos do not belong to Wolf Musings.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Go Bright or Go Home

With Fall in full approach, we often see colours getting more dull, and many people start pulling out the neutrals on the daily.  While these colours evoke a certain earthiness and oneness with nature - why leave all the joy out of your wardrobe?  In fact, with less daylight time, one could find themselves owing their life to a certain fluorescent-hued jacket whilst crossing a dark could happen!  So I say - bring on the colour, and the happiness!

Friday, 25 July 2014

Splurge Item of the Week: Printed Maxi!

Printed Maxi from Splurge

This fun printed maxi dress is the SPLURGE HANDBAGS item of the week!  It's light, summery, and flattering on any figure!  I paired it with some luxe accessories, including the red stone earrings from Splurge.  To finish the look off, I added an unexpected pop of colour with the bag, and tied it all together with the white and gold jacket, belt and sandal.  

I put this look together specifically to transition from day to night; an idea for a weekend trip to a new city when you won't have time to get back to your hotel between daytime sight-seeing and exploring the nightlife when the sun goes down.

Click any image below to find out where to purchase the item.